Monday, June 7, 2010

I have been way to busy to be on this computer lately. I have been one busy bee!!! I have been developing into a little infant. Since I have updated this last I have learned to do a lot of things. I am now:  rolling over with no problems, playing with my hands and toes, eating real baby food, playing in my own bath tub, reaching for everything I am NOT supposed to have, making friends at school and church, somewhat holding my bottle and sippy cups by myself, and sitting up on my own.

I am soaking up the quality time I have with my parents. THEY JUST LOVE ME! EachFriday mom is off we have pool time! I love sitting in my pool playing with my toys. I love to watch my toys float by, feel the water go through my fingers, but cant seem to figure out where it goes when I raise my hands. I love to splash!

I am getting to be a little world traveler. It started with Texas to see Grumps. Dad stayed home and I went with mom, Emmie, and Uncle Paul to visit Nana and Grumps and GiGi! I did great and we had a blast.

I celebrated my first Easter!!

I have been to East TN for Chrystal's wedding in May. We danced at the wedding as a fasmily and I stayed in my very own bed at the hotel. I felt like a big kid!!! We got caught in the Nashville flooding and that was sure an adventure. It was a great first road trip though with my parents!

 I have a a few trips coming soon. A couple are to MS for visiting Aunt Bobbie and MOMOs 80th birthday! In July mom and dad are taking the fam to see grumps.
I cant wait to play in a real swimming pool and hang with that gang!!

I am really enjoying life!! I am a very happy baby even after shots. Mom took me last week for my 6 mo checkup. I weight 18.25 lbs and am 27.5 inches long. I am hugging that 75 percentile for everything. Doc says he thinkg I am going to be an early walker,  I look great and am sure strong.

Here is me at 5 months

Cousin Gracey making me laugh!!

6 months and ready for church!!

Hey one more thing------I know my name and if you are talking about hoe slow I am to upload stuff on my blog, I know it!!! Dont think you can hide anything from me!!!!

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  1. He is adorable guys! I can't believe is already 6 months old! Where has the time gone?!! Crazy! Looks like you guys are really enjoying being parents to your lil guy! It really is a FUN job!!!