Monday, June 7, 2010

I have been way to busy to be on this computer lately. I have been one busy bee!!! I have been developing into a little infant. Since I have updated this last I have learned to do a lot of things. I am now:  rolling over with no problems, playing with my hands and toes, eating real baby food, playing in my own bath tub, reaching for everything I am NOT supposed to have, making friends at school and church, somewhat holding my bottle and sippy cups by myself, and sitting up on my own.

I am soaking up the quality time I have with my parents. THEY JUST LOVE ME! EachFriday mom is off we have pool time! I love sitting in my pool playing with my toys. I love to watch my toys float by, feel the water go through my fingers, but cant seem to figure out where it goes when I raise my hands. I love to splash!

I am getting to be a little world traveler. It started with Texas to see Grumps. Dad stayed home and I went with mom, Emmie, and Uncle Paul to visit Nana and Grumps and GiGi! I did great and we had a blast.

I celebrated my first Easter!!

I have been to East TN for Chrystal's wedding in May. We danced at the wedding as a fasmily and I stayed in my very own bed at the hotel. I felt like a big kid!!! We got caught in the Nashville flooding and that was sure an adventure. It was a great first road trip though with my parents!

 I have a a few trips coming soon. A couple are to MS for visiting Aunt Bobbie and MOMOs 80th birthday! In July mom and dad are taking the fam to see grumps.
I cant wait to play in a real swimming pool and hang with that gang!!

I am really enjoying life!! I am a very happy baby even after shots. Mom took me last week for my 6 mo checkup. I weight 18.25 lbs and am 27.5 inches long. I am hugging that 75 percentile for everything. Doc says he thinkg I am going to be an early walker,  I look great and am sure strong.

Here is me at 5 months

Cousin Gracey making me laugh!!

6 months and ready for church!!

Hey one more thing------I know my name and if you are talking about hoe slow I am to upload stuff on my blog, I know it!!! Dont think you can hide anything from me!!!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time is flying!

Mom and dad are now telling me to SLOW DOWN! I have had another big week! I have officially rolled over from my stomach to my back,  I have had some more REAL tears, I have had my 1st super bowl experience, I have had another big snow, and last and certainly not least mom and dad had me dedicated at church. Things are going well I'd say. I am still learning to use my limbs, smile, and talk. Dad comes home and we just talk and talk. Mom and dad enjoy every moment with me. Some of my favorite things to do are: play in the floor with my bug, tummy time with my worm, and splish slash in the bath!! I have some more pics to show you--enjoy!
Baby Dedication

All dressed up!

My Super Bowl Picture

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Well this was an exciting week for me. Starting off--- I slept through the night Sunday night, January 24th, the night before my 1st day of school! Mom freaked out liked everyone said she would. She came flying into my room at 4:10 and there I was sound asleep!! I didn't wake until 5:25. I knew what the day had in store and knew I needed to rest up.  I was starting a huge new chapter of my life and boy was I excited.

Monday, January 25th,  mom took me to daycare where I had a wonderful day, which started a great week. She did good and only shed about 3-4 tears. I did great throughout the week even with all the new sounds and things to look at. I change clothes a lot! I am trying to grasp this whole full time formula thing! Each time I changed though I made sure I still looked cute for all the girls in my class. My teachers are wonderful. The are already fighting over me. I am the only one in my class that will sleep in my crib. They tell mom that I am a very happy baby!  I get a daily report and so far each one has been an A+.  I must get my grades from mom, cause I heard dad say he never got vowels on his report card. Mom came every day at lunch to check on me, and some days fed me lunch! I keep telling her one day she won't be able to do that, but for her first week back that was fine with me! Dad is adjusting well too. He calls some days to check on me and at night he soaks up the time he can. He is back in school now and some nights does have to study. We are doing good with this adjustment so far though. At night my favorite thing is when dad bathes me, he splashes water everywhere!! Here are a few pics from school.

Friday was another huge day! MY FIRST SNOW! My daycare was closed and mom didn't have to work!! Dad even got to come home early too! We stayed home all day and watched it come down fast! It was cold outside, but we were in---safe and sound! I did get to get out and take some pictures-----

 Saturday morning I  had my first REAL tear. I woke up hungry and a little upset. Mom then saw some water running down my face---What is that she said?!!! oh my a TEAR! It didn't last long and I only had one, but it was a real one!

This week was a HUGE week for me!! I am growing up fast! What a great week with lots of new sounds, sights, and rememberable experiences!!! Here are a few more pics to enjoy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mom's last week before going back to work!

Well only one more week before mom goes back to work and I start school (or daycare). I am not ready and I don't think mom is either. We are going to try and stay busy this week with different things. I went to the grocery store for the 1st time today and made a cake for daddy's 28th birthday . The food looks much better than what I have been eating. Mom tells me I have to wait until  my stomch is a little more mature before I can pig out. For the rest of the week, we are going to go see Gma Tennyson and I go to the doc Thursday for some good ole shots!! Things are going great here. Just haning out with mom during the day and soaking up dad in the evenings. It won't be long before they are fighting over me at night!!! I am smiling by the way now, check it out in these pics!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Its 2010!!!

Well it is a new year and I have been a busy little guy since it began. I met a girl named Danilyn and I think she is a cutie. New Years was fun, but my parents and I cut the night short cause we all needed some sleep. Mom and I have been spending a lot of time at home lately. It has been extremely cold here and mom says she doesn't want me to get sick. Last week was a little boring, but we had fun together.

I am now up to 10 pounds and 13 ounces, growing like a weed. I can now smile at my family when they talk to me. I am also leanring to use my head and love tummy time most days. I have been loosing my hair and am going bald on top.

My sleeping habits are progressing too. Mom thinks I may be sleeping through the night sometime soon. I have been waking up around 4:00 am instead of 2:00 am so I am learning. Mom and dad are ready for me to sleep all night!!

Mom and dad will both be working in a few weeks so we are trying to enjoy our time together while we can. I am not looking forward to going to daycare, but I know it what I have to do so I will.

Sorry I am slow on posting things on here. These little fingers can only move so fast!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Cheer

Wow what a wild few days!!! I finally got some time to sit down at the computer and tell all of you about my first Christmas. The first thing we did was go to Nana and Pops so I could meet my great grandmother, then we went to Emmies so I could see all my mom's family. After that we went to Faith Baptist Church and sang, and listened to some guy talk about a man named Jesus and how lucky we are to get to celebate his birthday and how he gave us all an amazing gift and how much he loves us. I fell asleep, but Daddy said that was ok because he did that sometimes to. After church we went back to Nana and Pops where we ate and ate and ate. Then we went home and Mom and Dad opened presents and went to bed. We woke up on Christmas morning and started all over again! We went to all the grandparents and ate some more and opened up a bunch of presents. I really am loved, I got so much stuff and so many hugs. It was really awesome spending so much tume with mom and dad and my family. Dad did not work for 3 days, so mom had 2 kids on her hands, but she did great!! I am ready for my next holiday. I am really excited about it, I hear I get to stay up until midnight, and there will be a new year! Im not real sure what a year is and why we need a new one, but if all these people are celebrating, I guess I will to!! I am putting a couple of pictures up from Christmas. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as Mom enjoyed taking them. Happy new year to all of you! Keep checking back, I am going to do a better job of keeping my blog updated.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Introducing Me, Conner Wesley Underwood

Let me first apologize for just now uploading my pics etc, things at the Underwoods have sure been busy.

I want to officially introduce myself, I am Conner Wesley Underwood, AKA  CW to some. I was born November 30, 2009. I was 8lbs 5 oz and 20.5 inches tall. Mom and I had a long hard day and I didn't want to come on my own so the doctors had to come get me. Everything went well with me, mom was sick but dad did such an awesome job taking care of not just her, but me too. Dad changed all my first diapers and fed me for the first few feedings of my life. We had a nice stay and had many visitors while in the hospital. We came home that Thursday. It was a big day! I rode in the car, saw my home and room for the first time, and  met my dogs Dixie and Gunner. I also had my first slumber party where I stayed up almost all night. I love my room and am having a blast with my parents. We are all learning, but so far we are doing good! I have been busy meeting my family, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts, unlces, and more: everyone is already spoiling me! I like the attention and all the warm bodies for sure. Here are just a few pics of the hospital stay and my first at home pictures!